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Tim Price

Tim Price

Undergraduate: Brigham Young University Idaho - Mechanical Engineering

Program: PhD

Research Interests: Particulate dispersion and deposition, aerosol physics, aerosol sampling and measurement, atmospheric turbulence measurement, eddy covariance, environmental fluid dynamics, and instrument development.

Publications: E. Pardyjak, T. Price, J. Veranth, S. Moran, "Towards Understanding the Role of Turbulence in Enhancing Particle Deposition onto Vegetation" (American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR) Minneapolis, MN, October 2012).


Salt Lake County Lawn Watering Guide

Evaporated Water
The plot above shows the spatial distribution of the irrigation time (in minutes) required to replace the water that was evaporated from lawns in Salt Lake County yesterday. The required time is consistent with the pop-up sprinkler recommendations provided by the Utah Division of Water Resources Conservation Program. The recommendations emphasize the fact that watering needs are different across the valley. The estimates are based on over 50 weather stations distributed across the Salt Lake Valley with freely available data from the University of Utah's Mesowest. The plot below shows Pennman-Monteith Evaportranspiration estimates (ETo) for the Salt Lake Valley following FAO-56 (Allen et al. 1998). The data represent the equivalent inches of water per day lost to the atmosphere through lawn evaporation/transpiration processes. These estimates were used to compute the watering requirements shown above.

Potential ET Wind Speed Vapor pressure deficit Mean Temperature Allen, R.G., Pereira, L.S., Raes, D., and Smith, M. (1998). Crop evapotranspiration: Guidelines for computing crop requirements. Irrigation and Drainage Paper No. 56. Food and Agriculture Organization. Rome, Italy.