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Behnam Bozorgmehr

Behnam Bozorgmehr

Hometown: Bojnord, Iran

Undergraduate: Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST)

Joined EFD Lab: 2017

Current Program: PhD

Research Interests: Environmental Fluid Dynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Multiphase and Free-Surface Flows, Turbulence Modeling.

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EFD Lab Collaborators

Laboratoire d'Aerologie


The Laboratoire d'Aerologie is a research laboratory that is part of the Observatoire midi-Pyrénées with researchers in Toulouse and Lannemezane at the Centre de Recherche Atmospherique. Oure collaborators reseach focuses on a range of topics including: numerical simulations and experiments of the atmospheric boundary layer. They have led and participated in many atmospheric field measurement campaigns including the BLLAST field campaign and more recently DACCIWA.

Main points of contact: Pierre Durand, Fabienne Lohou, and Marie Lothon

SIVE Lab - University of Minnesota - Duluth

Urban Temperature Simulations

Dr. Pete Willemsen runs the Laboratory for Simulation and Interaction in Virtual Environments at the University of Minnesota Duluth. He and his students are key collaborators in the development of our fast response (GPU-based) urban wind, dispersion and energy modeling systems (GPUPlume and QUIC Energy).

Main point of contact: Dr. Pete Willemsen

Los Alamos National Laboratory (D-4 division)

Dr. Michael J. Brown

Energy and Environmental Analysis Division: The primary focus of this collaboration is the development of a fast response Urban wind model. To this end, the QUIC Dispersion Modeling System has been developed to provide fast three dimensional wind fields.

Main point of contact: Dr. Michael J. Brown

University of Utah - Department of Atmospheric Scienes

Headed by Kevin Perry

Dr. Jim Steenburgh - Mesoscale meteorology

Dr. David Whiteman - Mountain meteorology

Dr. Sebastian Hoch - Mountain meteorology

Dr. Kevin Perry - Atmospheric mercury studies

Dr. John Horel - Development of interdisciplinary academics

Dr. Zhaoxia Pu - Data assimilation and mountain fog processes

Dr. Steve Krueger - Fire weather simulation

University of Utah - Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Atmospheric fugitive dust reseach

Main point of contact: Dr. John Veranth

University of Notre Dame - Environmental Fluid Dynamics Program

Headed by Prof. H.J.S. Fernando

Main point of contact: Dr. H.J.S. Fernando

University of Utah - Physical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Headed by Dr. M. Metzger

Main point of contact: Dr. M. Metzger