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Arash Nemati Hayati

Arash Hayati

Hometown: Tehran, Iran

Undergraduate: K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Iran

Program: PhD (Graduated 2018)

Current Position: Advanced Analytics Team Lead at Boston Children's Hospital

Research Interests: Atmospheric and Oceanic flows - Urban Flow Modeling - Computational Fluid Dynamics - Biomechanics and Sports Engineering - Turbomachinary - Two-phase and Free-surface flows.


  • Hayati, A.N., Hashemi, S.M., and Shams, M., 2012. A study on the effect of the rake angle on the performance of marine propellers. Proc. IMechE Part C: J. Mech Eng Sci 226(4), 940-955 (Cited by 2).
  • Hayati, A.N., Hashemi, S.M., and Shams, M., 2013. A study on the behind-hull performance of marine propellers astern autonomous underwater vehicles at diverse angles of attack. Ocean Eng 59, 152–163 (Cited by 2).
  • Hayati, A.N., Hashemi, S.M., and Shams, M., 2013. Design and analysis of bubble-injected water ramjets with discrete injection configurations by computational fluid dynamics method. Proc. IMechE Part C: J. Mech Eng Sci 227(9), 1945-1955.
  • Hayati A N., Ghaffari, H., and Shams, M., 2013. Computational fluid flow simulation for swimming at free surface level. Under Review.


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  • Undergraduate Opportunities in the EFD Laboratory

    Our research group regularly hires undergraduate students to participate in research and make meaninful contributions. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Pardyjak directly. Below is a list of the many student who have contributed to research in the EFD lab over the years.

    Present Undergraduate Researchers

    Student Project
    Anup KhadkaLow-cost sensor development
    Ryan CandlishLow-cost sensor testing/development
    Scott CarlsonDevelopment of a Python-based GUI for QUIC

    Former Undergraduate Student research projects

    Jeppesen Feliciano QUIC-URB improvements
    Vignesh SivaramakrishnanImproving local energy-budget measurement stations (LEMS)
    Elliott BarthRepair of a remote sensing SODAR wind measurement device
    Aaron BurtonDevelopment of a Microcontroller-based Atmospheric Sounding System (M.A.S.S.)
    Scott SchoenBuilding heat transfer modeling
    Nipun Gunawardena*Development local energy balance measurement stations
    Christian HolbertCold air pool study in the Salt Lake Valley using remote sensing
    Bryon Edmunds*Wind-tunnel deposition study
    Price LeflerTPAWT dispersion
    Daniel AlexanderPIV measurements of flow around sports stadiums
    Sydney StokerFlow visualization sports stadium (Grinnell College)
    Timothy BarberPIV/PLIF measurements
    Hamid SaniVirtual Wind Tunnel (TPAWT)
    Sam Dickman*PIV measurements of urban street canyons
    Seamus ConnorQUIC-URB GUI development
    Louis MonacoEnvironmental Measurements
    Jenny GillQUIC-URB GUI development
    Holly OldroydQUIC-URB GUI development
    Dustin WallisVirtual Wind Tunnel (TPAWT)
    Jason HunterUrban Wind Measurements
    Tony FavalaroQUIC-URB GUI development
    Zachery WilsonFlux Richardson Probe development
    Nick ShingletonQUIC-URB GUI development
    Morgan Farley-CrustTPAWT Virtual Wind Tunnel
    Bret VerhoefUrban Wind measurements
    Aaron BarclayPIV measurements of flow around buildings
    Andy ParkerQWIC-URB GUI development
    Tom BoothQWIC-URB GUI development
    Austin Van OttenDrag measurements in urban environments
    Jana PricePIV measurements of flow around buildings
    James AllisonDesign of sonic anemometer mounting devices
    Jeff Waterhouse CFD of Hill Air Force Base Weber Canyon Study
    Brad HansenPIV measurements of flow around buildings
    Lester SherrowStratified wind tunnel improvements
    * indicates a UROP award