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Chaoxun Hang

Chaoxun Hang

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Undergraduate: University of Science and Technology of China

Program: PhD (Graduated 2017)

Current Position: Post-doc, Monash University

Research Interests: My research is about boundary layer turbulence decay in the afternoon transition. I am also interested in both doing field experiments and analysising the data from them.


Environmental Fluid Dynamics Lab

Understanding Flows in the World Around Us

The work done at the Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory at the University of Utah attempts to further the understanding of transport phoenomena in the natural world. To this end, the laboratory employs a variety of state of the art scientific investigation techniques including: large scale field measurements (both Urban and Natural Environment), numerical modeling and simulation, and laboratory scale measurements. The laboratory is situated in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah in the foothills of the Wasatch mountains.

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