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Arash Nemati Hayati

Arash Hayati

Hometown: Tehran, Iran

Undergraduate: K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Iran

Program: PhD

Research Interests: Atmospheric and Oceanic flows - Urban Flow Modeling - Computational Fluid Dynamics - Biomechanics and Sports Engineering - Turbomachinary - Two-phase and Free-surface flows.


  • Hayati, A.N., Hashemi, S.M., and Shams, M., 2012. A study on the effect of the rake angle on the performance of marine propellers. Proc. IMechE Part C: J. Mech Eng Sci 226(4), 940-955 (Cited by 2).
  • Hayati, A.N., Hashemi, S.M., and Shams, M., 2013. A study on the behind-hull performance of marine propellers astern autonomous underwater vehicles at diverse angles of attack. Ocean Eng 59, 152–163 (Cited by 2).
  • Hayati, A.N., Hashemi, S.M., and Shams, M., 2013. Design and analysis of bubble-injected water ramjets with discrete injection configurations by computational fluid dynamics method. Proc. IMechE Part C: J. Mech Eng Sci 227(9), 1945-1955.
  • Hayati A N., Ghaffari, H., and Shams, M., 2013. Computational fluid flow simulation for swimming at free surface level. Under Review.


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