Design of the High-Capacity, High Caliber LW - 15 Stick Magazine

Clief Castleton, M.S. University of Utah, November 2005

The Leitner-Wise Rifle Company has designed a conversion kit that allows existing M-4 and M-16 rifles to be converted from 0.223 to a 0.499 caliber ammunition. This conversion kit will allow the US Army, Navy, and Special Forces to use their existing rifles with a much more powerful type of ammunition.

This project seeks to design and develop a stick-type magazine that can hold between 18 - 24 of the 0.499 caliber rounds. The magazine is to be designed such that it also can hold the original 0.223 caliber rounds if necessary. The project will be completed with the delivery of a fully functional alpha prototype that has been tested on a Army shooting range.

Working model simulation to determine optimum internal geometry and required spring constant


Pro/ENGINEER model of final sheetmetal design

Fully functional alpha prototype


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