Pro/ENGINEER Does Not Run On Computers With Multiple Network Cards

From www.ptc.com:

At the end of the PTC FLEXlm installation, lmgrd.exe starts, however ptc_d.exe fails to start. A shutdown and restart of FLEXlm exhibits the same behavior.
Examination of the ptclmgrd.log file shows the following line of information:

"PTC_HOSTID ##-##-##-##-##-## EXPECTED. GOT PTC_HOSTID= )."

Meaning that no PTC_HOSTID (cpu_id) was found when attempting to startup the server, specifically the ptc_d.exe daemon.

Alternate Technique
See Resolution below.

The inability to find a cpu_id is caused by the order of the network card installation.
To verify that this is the case run "regedit" by selecting the START button, Run, enter "regedit", hit OK. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->Software->Microsoft->WindowsNT->Current_version->Network_Cards, double click on "1".

If there is no "1" folder the folder associated with the ethernet card must be renamed so it is first in the list or "1" so that
ptc_d.exe recognizes the correct CPU_ID. For instructions on how to reorder or rename the folder, contact a system
administrator, your hardware vendor or Technical Support.

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