Lab Director

Mark Minor, PhD


  1. Kim, Youngshik, "Autonomous identification and control of trailer backing in unmannded ground vehicles"

Doctoral Candidates

  1. Kulkarni, Sandip, "Under-actuated nonlinear control strategies for distributed parameter systems"
  2. Vogt, Andrew, "Terrain Localization, Mapping, and Planning in Wheeled Mobile Robots"
  3. Zhe, Leng, "Dynamic control of autonomous ground vehicles"
  4. Jean-Paul Brice, "Dynamic Climbing with Hybrid Mobility Robots"
  5. Ming Xin, "Sensor based model identification in unmanned ground vehicles"

Masters Students

  1. Fisher, Charles, "Design and Characterization of the Full Scale TreadPort Active Wind Tunnel"
  2. Hetrick, Andrew, "Ground Vehicle Automation in Urban Environments"
  3. Bandaru, Ramya, "Constrained Ground Vehicle Path Specification"
  4. Chakravarthy, Shanthanu, "Blower control for simulated wind a full scale immersive environment"
  5. Desai, Aditya, "Vent optimization for improved control of wind display in a full scale immersive environment"

Undergraduate Students

  1. Lefler, Price, "Olfactory display in virtual environments"


PhD Graduates

  1. Zhu, Xiaorui (Rachel),  "Robust Motion Control Strategies for Cooperative Wheeled Mobile Robots," August 2002 - December 2006.  Associate Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology, Guandong, China.
  2. Kim, Youngshik, "Motion Planning and Kinematic Control of Cooperative Wheeled Mobile Robots Subject to Physical Constraints," January 2003-August 2008.  Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Utah.

Masters Graduates

  1. Terry, Jared, "Prediction and Control of Terrain Interaction in Wheeled Mobile Robots,"
    Start:  July 2004-August 2008, Guidance and Control Engineer, ATK.
  2. Flickinger, Dan, "Planning and Coordination of mobile robot behavior for medium scale distributed wireless network experiments," August 2004-May 2007, PhD Student, University of Notre Dame.
  3. Phipps, Cristian, "Quasi Steady Rolling Locomotion in Hybrid Mobility Robots,"
    July 2004-May 2007. Engineer, Evans and Sutherland
  4. Shigeoka, Katie, "Stabilization and tracking control of ornithopter flight locomotion,"
    Aug 2004 - May 2007.
  5. Parker, Craig, "Energetic and Biomechanical Comparisons of Treadmill Slope Display Using Tilt Versus Torso Forces," Master of Science, May 2002 – Aug. 2005.  Co-advised with John Hollerbach, Occupation: L-3 Communications.
  6. Shores, Benjamin, "Hybrid Climbing and Rolling Mobility for Mobile Robotic Systems,"      Master of Science, Aug. 2002 – Aug. 2005.  Occupation:  Guidance, Navigation, and Controls Engineer, Orbital Sciences, Corporation, Phoenix, AZ.
  7. Merrell, Roy, "Compliant Framed Modular Mobile Robots:  Sensor Fusion for Self-Sensing and Global Localization," Master of Science, Aug. 2001 – Aug. 2005.  Occupation:  Guidance, Navigation, and Controls Engineer, Orbital Sciences Corporation, Phoenix, AZ.
  8. Mohammidi, Amir,  "Pneumatic Microactuator Powered by the Deflagration of Sodium Azide," Master of Science, Aug. 2002 – Dec. 2004, Occupation:  Principal Mechanical Engineer, 1" Mobile Hard Drive Servo Development, Western Digital Corporation.
  9. Krosuri, Satya, "Design, Modeling, Control, and Evaluation of a Hybrid Hip Miniature Climbing Robot," Master of Science, Jan. 2001 – Dec 2004. Occupation:  Automation Engineer, Boston Scientific, Salt Lake City, UT
  10. Park, Sungyong, "Compliant Framed Modular Mobile Robots:  Control Techniques for Dynamic Stabilization,"            Master of Science, Jan. 2002 – May 2004. Occupation:  Doctoral Student, University California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.
  11. Hirschi, Chris, "Automated Tether System for Microgravity Extravehicular Activities," Master of Science, May 2001 – Dec. 2003.  Occupation:  Research Engineer, Sarcos Research, Salt Lake City, UT
  12. Albiston, Brian, "Compliant Framed Modular Mobile Robots: Motion Planning for Point Stabilization and Path Following," Master of Science, Jan. 2002-May 2003.  Occupation: Senior Controls Engineer, Sagetech, Inc, Hood River, OR.
  13. Kim, Youngshik, "Control System Prototyping:  From DSP to Micro-Controller," Master of Science, Aug. 2001-Jan. 2003.  Occupation:  Doctoral Student, University of Utah.
  14. Schwensen, Corey, "Control Of A Compliant Fixed-Wheeled Vehicle Via Independent Wheel Control," Master of  Science, Aug. 2000 - Aug. 2002, Occupation: Senior Automation Engineer, Rosetta Inpharmatics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Merck & Co., Seattle, WA.
  15. Jensen, Kent, "An Interactive Robot for Educating College Bound Student about Engineering Disciplines," Master of Engineering, Aug.  2000 - Aug. 2001, Occupation: US Air Force Pilot, Germany.

Past Undergraduate Researchers:

NSF REU Students:

  1. Vowles, Marty,  "Embedded control and autonomy of compliant framed wheeled modular mobile robots"
  2. Fischer, Charles, "Terrain sensing and odometric compensation in wheeled mobile robots"
  3. Vogt, Andrew, "Posture sensing in mult-axle scout compliant framed mobile robots"

The following undergraduate research projects were advised as Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) projects or as Independent study projects (ME EN 5920 or ME EN 5950).

  1. Sani, Hamid, "Vision based stop line detection for Autonomous Vehicles," ME EN 5920, Spring 2007
  2. Roberts, Jared, "Autonomous Vehicle System Integration," ME EN 5920, Spring 2007
  3. Roberts, Jared, "Sonar system for Autonomous Vehicle," ME EN 5920, Summer 2007.
  4. Scott, Jacob, "Miniature Suction Foot for Climbing Robots," ME EN 5950, Fall 2002.
  5. Truscott, Tadd, "Selection and Characterization of Inertial Instrumentation Hardware," ME EN 5950, Spring 2001, Fall 2002.
  6. Fox, Arthur, "Boundary Condition Characterization of a Flexible Frame Element," ME EN 5920, Summer 2002.
  7. Allison, James, "Instructional Tutorials for Lessons in Particle Dynamics using a Serial Link Manipulator," UROP, Spring – Summer 2002.
  8. Hoffman, Chad,  "Selection and Characterization of a Global Positioning System," UROP, Spring 2002.
  9. Merrell, Roy, "Micro-controller Interface Programming for a Serial Link Manipulator," ME EN 5950, Summer 2001.
  10. Anderson, Julia, "Encoder Interfacing for a Serial Link Manipulator," ME EN 5950, Spring 2001.
  11. Blanchard, Danny, "Instrumentation of a Serial Link Manipulator," UROP, Spring-Summer 2001.